RLLive Outage

Firstly I’d like to apologies for the recent outage of the RLLive Super League iPhone App and would like to offer an explanation.

I recently relocated the hosting services onto the Microsoft Azure platform and then got married :) While I was away celebrating the wedding there was a problem with the hosting platform and when I got back the whole system had been deleted!!

Thanks Microsoft!

I have since restored the system from backups and we are now back online phew! If you continue to have problems please drop me a tweet.


Hello RLLive fans and welcome to the 2013 season. it seems like such a long time since the end of the season but thankfully it’s back with a great weekend of rugby.

I thought I would start the season with a quick message to update you on my plans for the app this year. I am currently putting some designs together for a new version of RLLive that supports the iPhone 4 and 5.

I will be keeping the old version in the App store so for those of you with an older iPhone (like me) you won’t have to upgrade. That’s to say I will be maintaining the current version and the upgrade is optional even if you are lucky enough to own a newer iPhone.

Before I commit to the new design I wanted to give the community an opportunity to contribute to any new features that may make into the new version. I like the keep it simple approach as at the end of the day I think functionality is the most important factor but I am open to suggestions.

If you would like to contribute or make a suggestion I have opened a forum group here that you can use, comment on this post or tweet me.

Groups, Forums and Site membership

I have updated the site so that you can subscribe and contribute to the groups and forums. All of the new features are also accesible via RSS as well as the website.

If you would like new forums or groups to be created, or would be interested in moderating them inbox me.

If you have any feature requests, new ideas that you would like to request in future releases of RLLive or would just like to have a bit of banter feel free to register and post.